Advantages of Sealing Leaky Air Conditioning Ducts

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Efficient Air Conditioning and Heating Needs Proper Duct Sealing
November 30, 2020
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Leaky ducts in air conditioning system result in damaged home cooling, waste of energy and costly wallet-drain. Yet inferior air conditioning duct connections provided by duct seal manufacturers are common in homes all over the world.

Efficient home cooling involves more than merely pumping refrigerated air into a hothouse. It is a process of heat exchange that corrects rather than conquers the internal living space. To be effective, a home air conditioning system must circulate the existing air while stripping heat and humidity from the enclosed environment. A home having leaky air conditioning inflatable duct seal fails to perform its job effectively.

A 20 Percent Waste Factor

Here is a complete range of advantages you gain by fixing the problem of your seals from duct seal suppliers:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Lower repair costs
  • Fewer repairs
  • More efficient system
  • More comfortable rooms due to the better system distribution of air flow
  • Cleaner indoor air due to reduced intake of irritants and allergens
  • A sense of personal environmental stewardship
  • Peace of mind in having an HVAC system that functions at peak efficiency and safety.

The Process of Sealing Your Home’s Leaky Cooling System Ductwork

Simple as it may sound, inspecting and repairing your home’s air conditioning duct system can be hot, sweaty and risky. There is a likelihood that you will need to enter into the crawl space. In some events, you will also need to enter the attic. Furthermore, you may have to work with home insulation materials, restricted maneuvering space and darkness.

Before beginning the process, take a flashlight and poke your head into your home’s crawl space. On some houses, this space is so tight that even air conditioning repair professionals groan before entering. If you hate spiders or remain scary of snakes, simply close the hatch and seek help from your nearby air conditioning service center.

Still, you prefer working for yourself? Here goes:

1) Proper Clothing –

Pull out or buy a mechanic’s jumpsuit. Better protection is offered by heavy-duty equipment. A jumpsuit offers you complete body protection against grime, dirt, and creepy crawling insects. It also gives a wide range of pockets for your necessary tools carrying.

2) Sealing Process – Airtight Your Air Conditioning Ducts

This is a visual process. In the event of holes in flex duct – often created by critters seeking to stay warm during the winter – you need to apply cold weather HVAC Aluminum Foil tape. If the insulation is missing, you may need to acquire additional flex duct, make a cut and then connect and reseal the finished work.

To seal connections and split-joints apply tape and/or sealant as seems best for the situation. If the joints are not cut correctly, use box cutters or tin snips as suits the circumstances to create a better fit and then apply tape or sealant.

Last Word

To seal vents at the room entry point, apply certified HVAC sealant. Take your time. Make sure that a caulk fully spreads and maintains contact with the point of usage or application. Be sure to seal the outside of the floor joists where the return air connection passes through the flooring. It never hurts to cap-off the cavities present inside the wall where the flashing passes through.

If necessary, perform the same processes in your attic and/or garage. So get dressed for the occasion. Gear up with the right tools. Seal your leaky air conditioning ducts.

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