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Shanghai Tuming Industrial Co., Ltd. (Tekboe) has been the top cable entry systems manufacturers for a decade. Cable entry systems offer safe entry into secure cables, electrical equipment, and give strain relief while maintaining sealing requirements. Entry systems of KDL/D series allow pre-made terminated cables installation. Tekboe has been offering all types of cable, wire accessories and sealing accessories for cables to the world for more than a decade.
Wherever you need a secure connection of machinery and structure, we provide the best solutions as one of the top cable entry
systems manufacturers. Even in those applications where extreme contamination is encountered via dust, vibration water etc., or extreme temperatures occur, we provide reliable and robust cable entry systems.
Our quality cable entry systems are used in a plethora of application and industrial areas such as the wind turbine, machine tool, solar, railroad, vehicle construction and packaging machines market as well as robotics and automation.
Wherever there are pneumatic hoses, electric lines, hydraulic hoses or optical cables need to be securely routed into a device, an electrical enclosure or a plant our cable entry systems can be used. They seal the routed lines tightly and provide super strain relief.

Top cable entry systems manufacturers

To beat other cable entry systems manufacturers, we offer pre-wired cables that can pass easily through an enclosure panel or wall without slashing the terminated connector end. Consist of multiple cable grommets and a sealing frame, properties of the cable entry system includes ingress safety of up to IP65. Our systems are compatible with standard rectangular connector cut-outs and can be assembled easily.
Our comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date cable entry system is used by contractors and distributors all over the industry as the basis for invoices, quotations and purchase orders. Our standardized cable systems are synchronized throughout the supply chain ease
workflows and make sure users have maximized return on their ERP, and their estimated e-commerce software investment.
Our talented and professional staff who are hardworking individuals have a focus on collective business growth. Working professionally in a positive and exciting atmosphere pushes us to provide better systems to our customers.
The dynamic environment of our company ensures maximum focus. We fulfil customers’ wants at an affordable price and we back it up with quality service. It is as simple as that.

Mechanical cable entry seal

Mechanical cable entry Seal/cable entry sealing
A flexible silica gel piece and a reinforced plastic pressure plate at both ends are fixed by fasteners and tightened under pressure to make the outer ring of the beam silica gel piece expand outward and tighten the inner wall of the duct, while the inner ring of the flexible silica gel piece contracts and tightens the cable inward, so as to achieve the isolation sealing of the duct inside and outside. Flexible cable entry seal is an innovative mechanical seal structure that can be used repeatedly to seal and waterproof the cable pipe and cable, and prevent silt, debris and small animals
from entering the pipe and affecting the safety of power cable.

Product model and specification selection table

DT Model

Duct inner diameter



















Features and advantages-----
1. Installation is mechanical operation, fast, simple, safe and reliable;
2. Adopt flame-retardant new material and flexible plugging to protect tube wall and sheath layer and prevent vibration displacement of cable;
3. It has high exclusivity and fire resistance, and can effectively isolate open flames and flood defence.
4. Wide application range. It is suitable for all kinds of ducts, such as PVC duct, glass duct, steel duct, etc.
5. Installation is not affected by environmental weather, and water seepage pipes can also be installed;
6. Reusable with a life span of more than 15 years.
7. In order to avoid high air pressure in the pipeline after plugging, one-way pressure reducing valve is set on the plugging device.

1. The principle of dilatational expansion can obtain a larger diameter range, extending outward 10-15m and inward 10-15mm, which can adapt to a larger diameter of the internal warp and cable.
2 the product can withstand greater water pressure inside the pipe, the water pressure inside the pipe will push the product pressure block to do the opposite direction movement, thus expanding the sealing ring again, make the product more pressure more tight do not fall off, so that the product has a longer service life.
3. The products are made of composite fire-resistant materials, which can effectively restrain the spread of fire and ensure the safety of electric power operation.

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