Cable transit or cable penetration

Cable transit/Cable penetration/wire transit/wire penetration/electric module seal/communication module seal This new cable transit system is made of UPVC/CPVC/EPDM/SUS304 and offers a high degree of flexibility, economy, and reliability, as well as its strong support in integrated pipe corridor cable sealing,it can be pre-embedded for cable management and it is composed of insulation and high pressure resistant embedded parts, flame retardant seals and fastening units. these series products have exquisite structural design, convenient for flexible installation and repeatable disassembly. Flexible outlet of multi-diameter cable can be satisfied. In the solution of airtight waterproof, fire blocking at the same time to provide effective protection. grid corporation, telecom, mobile, metro group, Marine vessels, oil (petroleum), mining, municipal, Bridges, tunnels and cable duct, tubing, duct sealing, bridge the gaps between the anchorage duct and cable seal. It is perfect to substitute the traditional cable penetration system.

Product model and specification selection table

Product Name Model No. Length Range(mm) Qty of holes Level of protection Watertight Pressure
Communication Cabel Transit System DN100-C 250-1200 4/9 ≥IPX8 ≥0.1Mpa
Electric Cabel Transit System DN150-E 250-1200 1/3 ≥IPX8 ≥0.1Mpa
Communication Cabel Transit System DN150-C 250-1200 4/9 ≥IPX8 ≥0.1Mpa
Electric Cabel Transit System DN200-E 250-1200 1/3 ≥IPX8 ≥0.1Mpa
Communication Cabel Transit System DN200-C 250-1200 4/9/16 ≥IPX8 ≥0.1Mpa
Electric Cabel Transit System DN250-E 250-1200 1/3 ≥IPX8 ≥0.1Mpa
Electric Cabel Transit System DN300-E 250-1200 1/3 ≥IPX8 ≥0.1Mpa
Features and advantages--- 1,Carefully selected raw materials,quality control on every production process,reject defective products. 2,Focus on the research and development of cable transit,independant R&D and patent. 3,Power industrial products,stable performance,provide strong support in integrated pipe. 4,fire blocking,water proof, insect and rat proof, dust proof, moisture proof and smoke proof,ageing resistance..

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