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Shanghai Tuming Industrial Co., Limited (Tekboe) is one of the leading multi cable transit suppliers. We also offer different cabling solutions including Mechanical cable entry seal, Inflatable duct seal, Duct plug or conduit plug, and more. Every product is supported with high-class software, research, and service.
You can view our complete range of multi cable transit which we offer for effective sealing of multiple high and low voltage cables against frequent fire spread, water pressure, and gas migration. Our cables transit cables are extensively used in the Transmission & Distribution, and Utility Power sectors for sealing cable ducts and protecting substations against the risk of flood.
Tekboe’s Multi cable transit systems seal entry points and cable ducts in MV-HV substations. It controls the effect of continuous water pressure and water ingress on substation infrastructure and cable ducts. Working with Tekboe assures that the installation along with the design of cable transits provide sufficient substation cable sealing and are correctly specified, designed, and supplied.
If you are working for upcoming projects and striving for increased efficiency, improved safety, and lower cost of ownership, then you must go for our Multi cable transit systems. You will get the standards, approvals, and specifications for all cable entries.

Leading Multi Cable Transit Systems Manufacturer

Functional Reliability: When assets and employees need protection from the threats of harmful gases, weather, blast, rodents, fire, and/or EMI, our multi cable transit proves to be the most cost-effective solution.
Leading Specialists: Tekboe is the leading provider of Multi cable transit systems and pipe transits. We have a professional and expert team of cabling experts who remain on their toes to assist you in discovering the best solution for your particular needs.
Simple Installation: Tekboe’s multi cable transits are designed to curtail installation time and assure high-quality installations. There are instruction and guidelines that we make available online through our representatives.
Tekboe multi cable transit represents cutting-edge technology. Our multi transit cables have proven their integrity with regards to safety in the extreme conditions within offshore gas, marine projects as well as in demanding land-based projects.

Cable transit system

Cable transit system/Cable penetration system/Cable entry system/multi cable transit.
Flame retardant seals and fastening units. these series products have exquisite structural design, convenient for flexible installation and repeatable disassembly. Flexible outlet of multi-diameter cable can be satisfied. In the solution of airtight waterproof, fire blocking at the same time to provide effective protection. grid corporation, telecom, mobile, metro group, Marine vessels, oil (petroleum), mining, municipal, Bridges, tunnels and cable duct, tubing, duct sealing, bridge the gaps between the anchorage duct and cable seal. It is perfect to substitute the traditional cable penetration system.
We have provided all kinds of cable transit system to the world and enjoy great replutation among our customers, we are the factory and can make the customized cable seals,please feel free to contact us for more details,we believe we can offer you excellent services as well as high-quality cable transit system at great prices. OEM or ODM is welcome!

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