Fireproof inflatable duct seal

The wire mesh can resist the damage of mice and foreign bodies, and the polyvinyl chloride synthetic material can resist corrosion and protect silica gel from aging. The combination of silica gel and steel wire mesh is like rubber solid tire, which has the function of inflatable sealing, supplementing the defects of inflatable sealing such as non-fire resistance and anti-insect bite. It also has elasticity and tightness. Steel wire and silica gel materials have the function of complete non-combustion, its fire resistance reaches more than 3hours, life span of 30-50 years. Stencil fire retardant sealing system is suitable for the state grid corporation, telecom, mobile, metro group, Marine vessels, oil (petroleum), mining, municipal, Bridges, tunnels and cable duct, tubing, duct sealing, bridge the gaps between the anchorage duct and cable seal, a fire isolation, dust, water proof and animal, and other functions.

Fire resistance test
Reference GA 304-2012 - Plastic pipe fire ring Fire resistance of steel mesh fire - proof sealing system
Unit: Hours

Test Item

Ultimate fire resistance time

Fire resistance





Test procedure
1 - a specimen should contain plastic pipe (steel pipe Ф 110 alternative), cable (steel pipe q50 alternative), stencil fire retardant sealing parts, such as, gas, gas flame gun fire flame on the stencil fire retardant sealing tape, flame temperature 1300 ℃ C - 1500 ℃. The steel mesh fireproof and anti-rat sealing belt is installed in the gap between the pipe and cable, the length is 120mm. The mineral wool plug is on the back.

2. Determination criteria - Fire integrity. During the test, any of the following situations will occur on the backfire surface of the specimen, indicating that the integrity of the specimen has been lost: a) ignited cotton pad; B) More than 10s of continuous flame discharge.

3. Fireproof insulation - During the test, when the temperature of any point on the test piece's backfire surface rises above 180℃, it indicates that the test piece has lost its insulation.

Product model and specification selection table
IDSS 75-3.00/g1: Represents the steel mesh fire and mouse sealing belt with internal diameter of 75mm, 3.00 represents the fire rating, and G1 represents the filling material of silicone.

       Model No.#

     Product outer size


Duct inner diameter



IDSS 75-3.00/G1




IDSS 125-3.00/G1




     IDSS 160-3.00/G1




     IDSS 175-3.00/G1




     IDSS 200-3.00/G1




     IDSS 250-3.00/G1




     IDSS 300-3.00/G1





Product Features and advantages:
1,Integrates the advantages of inflatable blocking and mechanical rubber blocking, perfecting their functional defects and integrating their functional advantages.
2,The finished product has the functions of fire prevention, water proof, insect and rat proof, dust proof, moisture proof and smoke proof.

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