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Shanghai Tuming Industrial Co., Limited is a leading inflatable duct seal supplier. We wrap around cables through our ducts of exchange vaults or manholes. Our seals effectively seal telephone ducts, preventing or stopping water from leakage.
At Tekboe we push the limits of communications technology to produce one of the world’s most advanced inflatable duct seal. Across
and around the globe, our employees and solutions are reinventing connectivity, solving cutting-edge challenges and chasing the
innovative targets that can meet the requirements of what is next.
In buildings, in the ground, or through the air, we love making networks as duct seal manufacturers. We ensure networking through duct seals are reliable and robust and can evolve to meet the needs of our rapidly connected society. With decades of connectivity experience as one of the top duct seal suppliers, our solutions bring the quality, flexibility and innovation that commercial workplaces need to satisfy the increasing expectations and demands of seamless connectivity.

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We are among those duct seal suppliers who shape the duct seal future. From design to problem-solving of the complex architectures, our unparalleled expertise in wired, copper, and wireless infrastructure and makes ready the future tomorrow’s network needs.
Our success is a result of strong collaboration with our customers to provide what is expected from us as one of the top duct seal
suppliers. We are solving today’s challenges with keeping an eye on the future. Also, we are looking to meet the requirements of what retailers need in their stocks.
We are proud of our long stretched partnerships we construct with our customers, who understand they can rely on trusting us to create quality and efficient inflatable duct seal.
We believe we can reimagine and reinvent the wheels of duct seal, unlike traditional duct seal manufacturers. At Tekboe, we focus on
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Inflatable duct seal

Inflatable Duct Seal System/inInflatable pipe Seal System(IDSS) IDSS main components "inflatable pipe plugs," is sealed airbags aluminum composite material, the use of inflatable hole principle to achieve the effect of blocking. Inflatable tube affixed with waterproof plastic plugs on both sides, waterproof glue when inflated to the pressure of 2.6-2.8 kg, will be piping, inflatable pipe plugs, the gap between the three cable completely filled, completely sealed in order to achieve results. Inflatable pipe plug hole inside of inflatable silicone material is installed, when the charged gas removal inflatable tube, self-filled silicone material properties can be inflated immediately to block holes ensure gas does not leak.
The inflatable Duct Seal System is specially designed for the sealing of the cable duct, Its superior flexible sealing performance can better protect the safety of the cable and duct when the duct outlet is blocked.
The inflatable Duct Seal System is suitable for use with polyethylene of lead sheath cables in plastic, concrete or steel ducts. It permits cable movement while retaining its sealing properties. It can effectively prevent water or small anminals from duct into computer room caused by the accident, also effectively eliminate wells to ensure the progresss of rescue, more effective protection of underground duct network system,the workers require a safe environment for working and to avoid the risks that occur with the penetration of gas and/or dangerous fluids at the workplace. The inflatable Duct Seal System has been tested in severe environmental conditions, not corroded by hydrochloric acid, alkali and other chemicals. It can be used more than 20 years. Working Temperature IS from -40℃ to 95℃.
Alternative Choice to traditional pipe sealing products,a single cable and/or multiple cables can be installed.

Product model and specification selection table

IDSS Model

Product Size


Duct inner diameter




















































Remarks:Option 1---Single Use,with snorkel
Option 2---Reusable, with gas nozzle
The final size and type are subject to final confirmation on the samples.

Product Features and advantages
Flexible seal technology overcomes ground vibration - after the bag is installed, its high pressure inert gas inside makes the whole sealing system elastic, just like wrapping an airbag around the cable in the pipe, thus overcoming irregular frequency vibration from various surfaces. · Not affected by acid,alkali and other environment -- traditional sealing products such as fireproof mud and cement cannot adapt to underground pipeline environment in rainy areas, and are also prone to cracking due to thermal expansion and cold contraction. IDSS bag material layer design has no pinhole, acid and alkali resistance, and is not corroded by chemical liquid. It can withstand high temperature from 95 ℃ to minus 40 ℃ and is not affected by heat expansion and cold contraction, so it can adapt to all kinds of complex underground pipeline environment. · Long service life -- The soft metal aluminum layer inside the IDSS bag is the key technology of the bag material, and the detection under the microscope is completely free of pinholes to ensure no gas leakage. The service life of the product is more than 20 years after ammonia gas expansion experiment. · Quick installation -IDSS single hole installation for 5 minutes, no special cleaning of pipes during installation, greatly improving installation efficiency. It can be removed only by venting air, without damaging the appearance of pipes and cables, low construction and maintenance cost, no need of water source, power support, no need of traditional construction tools. · Recyclable use of air nozzle structure: the new generation OF IDSS nozzle structure enables multiple use of a single product, greatly reducing the cost of pipe sealing. · Superior sealing effect -- effectively prevent water, sediment, insects,mouse, rodents and other substances from entering the pipe. · Sealing cable ducts in running water conditions.
1) the application of different nature (power, communications, construction) pipeline waterproof plugging;
2) Mainly used in underground cable conduit plugging holes, construction of the wall through the wall hole plugging;
3) suitable for plastic, steel, cement and other hard materials pipeline;
4) sealing the hole is limited to circular or elliptical.

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